Selective Storage Racks : Accessory Models

  • Choose from a variety of accessoires to personalize your selective syetem rack to fit your needs
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Handles a wide variety of large items and has varying capacities and sizes to fit any companies or individuals needs. The design and functionality give people the ability to mold the storage racks to fit any room and make a variety of shapes without wasting space. Selective rack systems are developed with three unique products: load beams, upright trusses, and row spacers.

Choose from a variety of accessories to personalize your storage system rack in order to fit your needs. Options include safety bars, row spacers, column protectors, shims, and wire decks.
Available options: 1 5/8″ x 42″ Safety Bar , 1 5/8″ x 48″ Safety Bar , 8″ Row Spacer , 12″ Row Spacer , 12″ Column Protector , 18″ Column Protector , Shims for all frames , Wire Decks: 36″ D x 46″W , 42″D x 46″W , 42″ D x 52″W , 42″ D x 58″W and 48″ D x 46″W.

Technical Specifications

Load Capacity For Wire Decks capacity ranges from 2443-3136 lbs.
Product Description Variety of accessories to choose for based on your needs

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