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Welcome to Elkay Products Co., Inc. "We take our job seriously!"

Moving Pads, Furniture Dolly and Appliance trucks Supplies

High Quality Furniture dolly & Moving Pads

At Elkay… what we do is make it easier for you. We’re the “ONE STOP SHOP” for warehousing products. We’re the “Material Handling Company” that sells the wrapping, padding, strapping, packing, sealing, protecting, lifting, pushing, gliding, sliding, warehouse products and shipping supplies all in one location. A virtual warehouse of products: steel, aluminum and wooden hand trucks… wooden platform and pry dollies… walkboards, dockboards, in aluminum and fiberglass, steel warehouse racks, desk lifts, moving pads, furniture dolly, lifts, jacks, replacement parts, wheels, packing cartons, tape, rope twine, steel strapping, poly strapping and a variety of packing and shipping supplies. That’s only a starter.

Our staff is well trained and can assist you with all of your warehouse product, packing and shipping requests. Our service, quality and delivery are our finest virtues and our customers always come first!

With more than 80 years in the packing, shipping and warehouse products business, we know how to take care of you!

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Warehouse products, Appliance trucks, Moving Pads, 
Furniture Dolly, Hydraulic lift truck, Packaging & Shipping supplies

Furniture Dolly, Moving Pads and Hand Trucks

Elkay Products Co., Inc. specializes in Furniture Dolly, Hand Trucks & Moving Pads. The hand truck is designed specifically for your comfort, and to help reduce the amount of energy neccessary to get your job done. Furniture Dolly(four-wheel dolly) is perfect for moving dressers, wall units, pianos, chest freezers and more. If you are looking for Moving Pads, Furniture Dolly, Hand Trucks, Appliance Trucks & Walkboards, we are your number 1 choice. Please call or email us if you have any special requirements or for further information on the Moving Pads, hand trucks, Furniture dolly. Our innovatively designed furniture dolly does move heavy objects with very little effort. We sell the very best quality Moving Pads & hand trucks for the very best price you'll find anywher.

Moving Pads, hand trucks & Furniture dolly manufacturer

We Have the Top Quality Furniture Dolly, Moving Pads, Warehouse Products, and Hand Trucks You Need. If you're an old pro or just getting started in the moving business, talk to us about great deals on a superior quality Moving Pads & furniture dolly, all types of moving pads, Moving Van Pads, Moving Covers & Blankets and the incomparable hand trucks – all of which we sell for a price that will keep you coming back for more. We've been around the moving and transport business for a long time, and we know that the right equipment is critical to your company's success. No matter what size or type of furniture dolly you need, we'll have it. We have an extensive selection of moving pads, and we're proud to sell the entire line of top quality hand trucks. hand trucks have been a favorite among moving professionals for years. As essential as a furniture dolly and quality moving pads & hydraulic lift truck. the hand trucks we sell offer years of trouble-free service and reliability.

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Hand Trucks Pay for Themselves with Ultra-Reliability – Top Quality, Super Durable Moving Pads, Appliance Trucks, Walkboards and a Solidly Built Furniture Dolly Should Last a Lifetime. Your ‘bargain basement’ furniture dolly fell apart while moving a customer’s sofa. Great. The customer is unhappy and so are you. The ‘bargain basement’ moving pads you thought were such a good deal are now paper thin and full of holes. The customer’s not thrilled about that either. Your ‘bargain basement’ hand trucks are disintegrating one by one, but, if you had purchased hand trucks, you wouldn’t be having this problem. It’s the old saying ‘you can pay me now or you can pay me later’. Get Your Top Quality Furniture Dolly and Durable Moving Pads Right Here. And don’t think our hand trucks cost a king’s ransom – they don’t. Moving pads function very much like a furniture dolly, meaning you just places something on top and push. But wait, we’re not saying that our top of the line furniture dolly has to cost a fortune – it won’t. Don’t think that you’ll bust the budget with our very durable moving pads – you won’t. When you need a great furniture dolly, durable moving pads or hand trucks, always call Elkay Products Co., Inc. first!

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